Funtumia elastica powder

What's the difference?

At Funtumia Pure, the process we use to create your product is paramount to making our Funtumia elastica powder more effective than others on the market. Because we are able to concentrate the powder, with a freeze drying process, while maintaining its effectiveness, it means you will feel the benefit of the product more, and it will help improve your well-being more too.

Funtumia Pure is a powder of Funtumia Elastica bark created by the process of freeze drying to achieve the utmost purity.

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How freeze drying works:

The process of freeze drying is when a product is frozen first under high pressure and subsequently dried, removing all water particles so what remains is of much greater purity and concentration. Because of the low temperature used when the product is frozen, the product retains its original properties, which can be optimized further with stabilizers. With our Funtumia elastica powder, your product is always carefully freeze-dried so its properties are preserved throughout.

Our freeze drying process works by using pressurized freezing, so ice crystals form in the product. When the ice is melted under pressure, it evaporates instantly, leaving the residual product more condensed while still being intact.


Powdered Funtumia capsules by other companies

raw Powdered Funtumia by other companies

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Freeze dried powdered Funtumia capsules by Funtumia Pure

Freeze dried powdered Funtumia by Funtumia Pure

Our Funtumia Pure Freeze dried powder capsules



We provide Funtumia for you to buy in the US and in the UK.
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Quality Funtumia elastica powder

All our powder comes with a certificate of origin, enabling us to verify its provenance, and ensure it is the best quality product for your remedial usage. At Funtumia Pure we take great measures to make sure your product reaches you in superb condition, and is as effective as possible. We've been manufacturing herbal products for 35 years and counting, and have the experience and knowhow to make sure your product is always high quality.

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