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With Funtumia Pure, we have gone to great lengths to ensure the quality of our products. To this end we have devised a new method of freeze-drying the Funtumia elastica root powder, enabling you to obtain a higher concentration, and a product with improved efficacy and effectiveness. Our Funtumia capsules all have our unique freeze-dried Funtumia bark, so you can take them safely and experience the full range of benefits from the product.

Funtumia Pure is a powder of Funtumia Elastica bark powder manufactured by the process of freeze drying to achieve the highest purity you can find in all the Funtumia Elastica capsules processed and sold in the market.

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Available in packs of 60 or 36 – shipped across the United States!

With us, you have the option of purchasing your Funtumia capsules in packs of 60 or 36, depending on your needs and requirements. All capsules are vegan friendly, containing no animal products, and are fully checked for quality, securely delivered to your door.


What is Funtumia elastica?

Funtumia Elastica is a rubber tree found in West Africa. The bark of the Funtumia Elastica found in Ghana is sundried, before being shipped to the Funtumia Pure factory in the United Kingdom, where it is ground into a powder and freeze-dried via our own unique process, before being manufactured into Funtumia capsules. This makes the produce more concentrated, and more quickly absorbed into the system, so you can feel the benefits of it more readily.

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If you have any queries about our Funtumia elastica for sale in the US, call us on 07749 409496 or email enquiries@funtumiapure.com.

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